The B2-C1 Gap in Writing – Understanding the Difference

Darren Perrett

Darren worked for five years developing Linguaskill in Cambridge and is currently heading up a team of experts in the region responsible for assessment, pedagogy, and recognition. Before coming to Cambridge, he was an EFL teacher, examiner, and centre manager in Europe (including Czech Republic) for 10 years. He holds a master’s degree in Language Testing from Lancaster University and is in his last year of his PhD focused on the validity of Cambridge reading tests. Darren specialises in writing and reading assessment.

The purpose of this standardisation workshop is to provide training to experienced teachers on how to assess students’ writings at B2 and C1 levels. We will analyse the cut-offs between CEFR levels, identifying the salient points so that you may leave the workshop more confident in being able to provide detailed feedback to your own students. You will actively be discussing and making CEFR level decisions, so please come prepared to interact.

Target group: teens, young adults, adults


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